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I have an article about government. It has become popular to attack government and push the idea that there is such a state as "No Government" The following article, "There is no Such Thing as No Government," discusses Government and why there is no such thing as "No Government." My purpose is to get this group united around some basic self truths so that we can go shoulder to shoulder and handle the special interests, on the planet, in a positive way.
Here is the article. There are more Articles on They are about money, what it is and how it is created, and much more.

The Technology of Democracy

There is no such thing as “No Government”

Raymond P Obrigewitsch

October 13, 2008

Government, what is it? Many people want to rid themselves of Government. They want to get rid of Government. However hard they try they can’t seem to accomplish that task. In order to understand why man has failed to accomplish this task over the past several thousand years you would have to look at man himself.

First of all Government is composed of rules. These rules come from how man lives in order to survive. Certain basic rules are followed by the various groups of man on planet earth. All groups have some rules in common. Each group has some specific rules that apply to their specific environment in which they live.

Government is composed of these rules and some of the rules become laws because they are very important for the survival of the group.

There is no such thing as “No Government.” There is only one way to have, “No Government,” and that way is to have no human being alive on planet earth. As long as we have just one human being alive on the planet there will be a Government. This Government is composed of the rules by which this individual lives in order to survive.

People who promote the concept of no Government are either very ignorant or are criminals. As you know criminals don’t follow the rules of survival for themselves and the group they pretend to be a part of. They try to find ways to live outside of the survival rules of the group and thus bring about non-survival conditions for themselves and the group they pretend to be a part of. The reason I say, "pretend to be a part of,” is they in reality are not part of the group they say they are, because they are not following the rules of this group. So, they are not “in the group!”

This is not to say rules can’t be changed. Rules will be changed based on changing environmental conditions and changes brought by technological advances.

Examples of conditions brought about by rules not being followed or efforts being made to rid the Nation of Government are financial collapses, wars, recessions and depressions.

What would happen if we got rid of the Governing bodies of professional sports industries? I think you could guess without much looking and studying. The sports industries would go into chaos and cease to exist. This happens to other industries and to countries as well.

The field of Music is government by very strict exact rules. What would happen to the field of Music if we abandoned all the rules? We would end up with noise and very irritating noise. This field would cease to exist. It would become a dead field.

So, it is very self-evident that there is no such thing as, “No Government.” There is only good pro-survival Government or bad criminal government. We get bad criminal government when people attempt to rid themselves of government or take a government office and do not enforce the rules or the laws.

People who believe we can get rid of government should not ever be placed into any governmental office. Their purpose is to destroy themselves and their society.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Baker Act Conspiracy

Posted by Christopher Eckhardt of The Baker Act Conspiracy

The Baker Act Conspiracy is a book set to be published this year exposing the corruption, fraud, & abuse of psychiatric patients in a Florida psychiatric hospital, which was closed, demolished & the owners imprisoned.

The Baker Act Conspiracy Website is at

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Monetary Reform

Posted by Steve

My article "How Recession is Created" has been published in a UK newspaper. Possibly the first time an expose of the banking scam has appeared in the UK press. Please visit the article and leave a comment - help raise the profile of this crucial issue.

Here is the link:

Economic Axioms

This post from member Ray Obrigewitsch of You Create Money

I have researched for the basic axioms economics since age 12, and discovered the basic axioms;

1."All Money is created through and backed by the production of goods and services."

2.The goods and services must be marketed on the Open Market,open to all on equal terms.

3.The Producers of the goods and services are the producers of the money and thus the owners of the money they created.

4.The money supply must be held constant.

When these axioms are maintained a society achieves explosive prosperity.

All people win in this economic system, all who choose to play. This is a very pro-survival economic system. 

There is much more info on

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